Does my art represent me?

Hey creative amigos!

I strongly believe that through my art you can get to know me as a person, my personality, and the thoughts going through my mind around at the time I'm expressing myself through art. I paint different colour schemes but as you may notice most of my art is made with warm colours (red, yellow, pink, orange) which I believe is definitely a mirror of my personality.

I consider myself someone who is always (ok, maybe I should say the majority of the time) happy, grateful and excited about new experiences coming my way. Someone who is always trying to better herself in any way possible. I always love to learn new things which is probably the reason why I use many art techniques when creating artwork and love to explore new ones!

Regardless of the colour scheme that I paint, I believe that I am able to add value to the world or to those admiring or collecting my art. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that my art statement is that “life is even more beautiful when it’s colourful”. This is a statement that motivates me to create more and to bring joy to people’s lives. This statement compels me to brighten the day of others who are not having a good one, may be depressed or who simply need some motivation on their day to day.

I believe that my art represents me as I try to help others in any way I can, and even though I’m an artist and not a big corporation, I give back in any way I can with the help of my art collectors, which to say the least, I am incredibly thankful for. This is the reason why 5% of the paintings' proceeds support children in discovering their artistic potential as no one’s gift should go unnoticed.

I love to paint abstract art as I’m one that thinks that the viewer needs to interpret the art on their own way, seeing every layer and colour working together to create a masterpiece. Just like my art, I try to portray the fact that every one of us has their own story. 

So what happens when I paint? When I start painting my mind goes somewhere unimaginable, I concentrate and get immersed on the work I’m doing. My art represents emotions, thoughtfulness and inspiration to myself and I hope to others! I create art because I love doing it, I love how I feel when I create it and when I look at the end result, how I am able to express my thoughts, story, emotions and share them with all of you through a canvas, requiring no words only plain silence to understand, visualize and feel the message behind it.

Thanks for stopping by! See you in my social media or my next blog. 

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