Gloomy Days Inspiration

Hey creative amigos! 

Today the weather has been gloomy and cold where I'm located in Toronto! It's been a mix of rain and snow which isn't fun as it's not one thing or the other. Days like today definitely spark an inspiration to paint colourful art to drive joy to collectors or just the ones admiring my art.

Today I am inspired to paint an abstract landscape of a large and memorial mountain from where I was born in Venezuela, it's called "El Avila". This mountain is so tall and large that you can almost view it from all neighbourhoods of the capital, Caracas. Fun fact- it's located by the north which helps keep track of geographical locations in the city! 

Since Venezuela is by the equator, the weather couldn't be more pleasant (I'm not sure if I say this because I'm now biased by living in my new home, Canada lol). The beautiful nature and refreshing breeze is something I am looking forward to presenting on this new project I'm about to execute. 

The vision of this painting is to show that you should be grateful where you come from and where you are at now. The large and tall mountain, El Avila, located in the north of the city, shows that no matter the direction that life takes you, you will accomplish your goals if you persevere and you are true to your vision.

Thanks for stopping by! See you in my social media or my next blog. 

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