How did you decide on your logo?

Hey creative amigos! 

My logo decision process has has taken months to finalize! It has definitely taken a little longer than expected. I had created many sketches of the different ideas that I originally had until the final product was created.

To be completely honest, I thought about just writing "Dani Art Shop" in a unique font but this, as I realized, didn't appear to satisfy what I was looking for. I brainstormed about the font and the colour that I would be using. 

I started sharing my ideas out loud until someone, actually I will give her credit, my mom, asked me: why don't you use one of your paintings as the shade of your logo? At this moment everything clicked. I immediately visualized the painting that I wanted to be in the inside of my logo. The painting that I chose is full of colours which is why it is one of my favourites from my collections. It has the colours: orange, gold, yellow, red, white, blue, light green, baby pink, and purple, as I am sure you can see it. The full picture is actually displayed on my website. Go check it out! Ok, but let's keep reading and then you can go :)

Aside from the beautiful colours, I was also in the search of a painting that reflected what I'm all about. This one in particular shows the effect that each shade has with one another and how it perfectly blends together. As I indicated on the "About Us" tab, my goal is about merging people together to talk and feel connected through the artwork, just like the colours on the painting do. The colours show the happiness and joy that my art brings to people's homes, offices or preferred spaces. The circle surrounding "DAS" which stands for Dani Art Shop depicts the strokes that happen in the moment as an artist, and it represents the unity of our community.

Thanks for stopping by! See you in my social media or my next blog. 

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