How do I balance painting and having a full-time job?

Hey creative amigos,

As you all know I love painting and expressing my thoughts and feelings through a canvas. I have a full-time job but that doesn’t stop me from creating art. I work from Monday to Friday in the HR field but after work and during weekends I’m free to explore my artistic imagination. My advise to those who are in the same position that I am or want to start, is to do it! It’s never too late. The sauce for success is to be organized, have a goal in mind, and know your purpose.

Sometimes I have a lot of ideas of new pieces I want to create going through my head, so what do I do? I get excited and make a note of them so I don’t forget! You may be wondering how do I decide which of them to tackle first and if I have a specific order? The truth is no, there is no order, it really comes down to how I’m feeling in the moment and the emotions I want to express at the time I’m grabbing the brushes and the spatulas. 

Painting relaxes me. It is a moment for myself, much like meditation or therapy. It’s a moment of the day that I look forward to. 

I believe that in life you can do everything you set your mind to, as long as you are committed to make it work. Even though I work Monday to Friday like many artists, I make the time to paint. I sometimes have the schedule of the week and plan my painting times accordingly, accommodating for my workouts, errands I have to run, or night outs with family and friends.

Do I sometimes wish I had more time to paint? To be honest, I do especially when I’m inspired to create art and I’m working at my full-time job. This is, of course, not ideal however I am grateful to be able to juggle between the two as I love them both.

If you are interested in doing the same, I encourage you! Life is too short so make the most out of it.

Thanks for stopping by! See you in my social media or my next blog. 

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