Dani Art Shop

Hey creative amigos!

Dani Art Shop is an e-commerce art-site full of handmade paintings made by Daniela Febres.

“DAS” (Dani Art Shop) in Spanish is a verb that means “to give” which is what this shop is all about! My mission is to deliver happiness and joy to your desired space, enhancing your life by creating a more positive space that looks stunning with a unique meaning. 

As someone who received art classes from a young age, I believe it's critical for every child to learn about their artistic capabilities as this not only works on their self-esteem and personal accomplishments, but also builds their confidence. Art classes also teaches them, in my opinion, to value intangible aspects in life rather than only material means, and it teaches them to view life from another lens. Sadly, many true artists go unnoticed in this world which results in less inspiration shared amongst others.