In case you are wondering, we do ship worldwide! To be specific, we ship to 240 countries around the world. 

Do any have any other specific questions? Well, keep on reading!

How long does it take to receive the purchased artwork?
Art shipped from Canada within 1-2 business days however it is up to the customer upon checkout to choose their delivery options. 

How long does it take from my purchase to when it is sent? 
It takes 1-2 business days for the artwork to ship to the address provided upon checkout this is because the artist will need to cautiously package the piece(s) to avoid any damages.

How do you determine the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is determined based on the weight, height, length and width of the parcel as well as the location that it is being delivered to. The shipping cost are calculated at checkout.

    How do you pack your artwork to ensure a safe delivery?
    Depending on the artwork, they are sent in wood crates, rolled in tubes, or with special boxes. Artwork is packaged safely and protected with bubble wrap to ensure a safe delivery. Typically, large paintings are carefully rolled in a tube and ready to be taken to be stretched out professionally at your local shop. Each product's description indicates if the canvas/product is stretched or rolled. 

    Do you ship artwork framed?
    Artwork is not framed as we want the collector to have their own touch to the art as well. The art doesn't need to be framed in order to look good in your preferred space.

    Does the shipping cost account for custom fees and taxes?
    International sales may incur custom fees and taxes of the receiving country, and it's the customer's responsibility to cover these. For more information please contact your local customs authority. Generally, consumers from the US don't pay import fees and taxes as the artwork is shipped from Canada. 

    What should I do if my artwork has been lost or damaged upon arrival?
    Track your parcel through the routing number provided upon purchase, this presents information as to the last location recorded. Contact your local mailing company or the company used to ship the artwork, if different. I recommend to pop in in-person. If you have tried the above and you haven't had luck, please contact me immediately with the information about the piece you purchased and the tracking number.
    For damaged artwork during shipment, please contact me immediately with high quality pictures so we can better understand and help you accordingly. Please email us at: