The best acrylic paints to use depend on your needs as an artist. If you are a professional artist you may use a different brand than someone who is just starting out or when you experiment new techniques. As you may have already realized, there are acrylic paints ranging from a variety of prices, some are way more affordable that others. If you are reading this you may have already visited the aisle at the art store wondering which paint to buy?. At least that was the reaction that I used to have when I was starting out. I know that it can be overwhelming, so I'm here to share my opinion on this topic. 

After experimenting with many acrylic brands, the best acrylic paint depends on your needs as an artist. If you are just experimenting and trying out new techniques, you may want to buy more affordable acrylic paints as this will save you tons of money in the long-run. You're welcome! I know that Michael's Craft Store has some that are affordable, you may want to check them out. Their brand is called Artist's Loft. If you don't have a local craft store in your area, you may want to go to your nearest art store and buy some affordable acrylic paints. I believe even Walmart sells some.

If you are a more experienced artist, you may already know which paints you prefer to work with based on its thickness and opaqueness. 

P.S. If you are painting a lot, a good idea is to buy bigger size paints to save some money but my recommendation is to purchase a smaller size first to ensure you like the product prior to buying a large amount.

So which ones should you buy?

I would encourage you to start with acrylic paints that are more affordable, and as you get to know your style and decide to sell your artwork, you should transition to more professional acrylic paints. You will not be disappointed. Yes, you may think it's an investment but I believe that it will be reflected on how the paint looks on your finished artwork and how well it lasts. You may want to try brands like "Golden" and "Tri-Art Mfg." from your local art store. Tri-Art also has it own website, I'll leave it here in case you want to check it out: