About Us

Hi, I'm Dani! I'm a Venezuelan-Canadian whose passion has always been art.

I studied art during my 4 years of high school and absolutely loved it. I went to school for a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and majored in Human Resources Management. I am currently pursuing my masters degree but that doesn't stop me to keep expressing myself through art. Throughout my initial years creating art, my artwork lived mainly in Canada, Venezuela and the United States, but now it lives across the world. 

After graduating from undergrad and working a full-time job, I decided that I really wanted to pursue this passion of mine and be able to share it with all of you.

I strive to have a substantial impact, inspire others and make your life easier by enhancing your desired space. My vision is to fuel my paintings' surroundings with joy and happiness!

As I'm sure you have read before on this page or my social media, I believe that life is even more beautiful when it's colourful. My artwork is also used to channel people together to discuss and admire the creations. Since they are abstract, everyone can come up with their own interpretation resulting in different emotions captivated through the artwork.

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