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    Life Stages

    by Dani Art Shop

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     "Life Stages" - This painting shows the various life phases that we go through in a life time. The burgundy colour shows the struggles we face, which transitions into a purple colour to show our success and accomplishments and serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent. The purity of our souls is shown by the colour blue, while orange portrays the learning experiences gathered after tough times. Red is shown across the canvas to resemble the unconditional love of our family and friends. If you look closely, on the left hand side there is a small area of red which shows that sometimes unconditional love exist but due to circumstances out out our control, loved ones are no longer with us. On the other side to the right, the green represents that we evolve and grow into wise citizens of earth. Lastly, yellow portrays the never ending dreams we set ourselves. 

    Dimensions: 30 X 40 X 1.5 inches.
    Media: Acrylic on canvas.
    Signed with a certificate of authenticity.
    This work is original.